• why_beard_oil_is_a_must_have_in_winter

    Why Beard Oil is a Must Have in Winter

    Beard maintenance is something that needs to be carried out all round the year. However, you need to take extra care of your beard in certain seasons, especially the dry seasons. Beard becomes frizzy and unmanageable when it dries out. …..

  • where_can_you_buy_beard_oil

    Where Can You Buy Beard Oil?

    The beard is perhaps the trendiest thing in the world of men’s fashion at this moment in time. There are far more incentives to growing the beard today than they were a few years ago. Having a beard has almost …..

  • what_it_takes_to_grow_a_thicker_beard

    What It Takes to Grow a Thicker Beard

    Unkempt, patchy beard is a man’s worst nightmare. This is not what a person has in mind when they make the decision of growing a beard. If you knew that your beard would turn out to be patchy and all …..

  • the_basics_of_using_a_moustache_wax

    The Basics of Using a Moustache Wax

    There are a lot of products that you can use to manage and style your beard. These products can be applied to your moustache as well. However, it is always preferable to use a different product to manage a different …..

  • selecting_the_ideal_beard_grooming_kit

    Selecting the Ideal Beard Grooming Kit

    A beard grooming kit is often seen as a fancy item reserved for exclusive use by metro sexual men. In reality, the importance of a grooming kit is far greater than that. If anything, a beard grooming kit should be …..

  • how_to_soften_your_beard

    How to Soften Your Beard

    Facial hair needs to be handled with great care. If you are not using the right products and tools to shape your beard, then you are basically inviting problems for your facial hair. For example, you should never use your …..

  • diy_beard_maintenance_making_beard_shampoo_at_home

    DIY Beard Maintenance: Making Beard Shampoo At Home

    Men hardly talk about maintaining their hair. It is rare to hear a group of men engrossed in a discussion about the different kind of shampoos that are there for them in the market. Hence, it would be quite surprising …..

  • beard_grooming_tips_6_steps_to_shaping_your_beard

    Beard Grooming Tips: 6 Steps to Shaping Your Beard

    There are mainly four reasons why people sport a beard. Most men grow one in order to create a style statement. Others grow beards for religious or spiritual causes. Then again, there are people who grow a beard simply because …..

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