There are a lot of products that you can use to manage and style your beard. These products can be applied to your moustache as well. However, it is always preferable to use a different product to manage a different part of your facial hair. Similar to the beard wax, there’s a product known as the moustache wax which is used to control and alter the shape of your moustache. This is a fantastic buy for any man who wants to complement his spectacular beard with a tidy moustache. Using a moustache wax widens your range of options when trying to experiment with your facial hair. It is worth noting that the terms wax and trainer are interchangeable, therefore moustache wax is often referred to as moustache trainer. If you are interested in using a moustache wax, you would be delighted to know that the market offers an incredible variety of products. That being said, using a moustache wax for the very first time can be confusing even for people who use beard wax on a regular basis.

Picking the Moustache Wax

The first and foremost step to buying moustache wax is deciding what wax you need for your facial hair. This is a slightly more complicated choice than it sounds mainly because there are several varieties and sub varieties of moustache wax. For example, you can find waxes that are organic (highly recommended), petrochemical free, soy free, tinted and completely vegan. If you don’t have these requirements, then you could simply opt for a conventional moustache wax that comprises of petrochemicals. In addition to the ingredients that it contains, a particular moustache wax product can also be categorized on the basis of its holding strength. Remember, the primary purpose of a moustache wax is to change the shape of your moustache and keep it in that way for a considerable period of time. The range of holding strengths includes light, medium, strong or extra strong.

Traditional Wax Vs Modern Moustache Wax

It is important for any buyer/user of moustache wax to fully understand the differences between the traditional product and the modern one. The traditional moustache wax usually comes in a tube and is very likely to contain a significant amount of petrochemicals. Examples of petrochemicals include petroleum jelly and mineral oil. The hold of the traditional wax is somewhere between light and medium. In terms of textural consistency, the traditional wax is quite soft and malleable. For a lot of men, this is the perfect product as they are really not interested in paying for the organic variants. That being said, there are certain drawbacks to using traditional moustache wax (which is the reason why the modern product exists). Long term use of this product can lead to the clogging of skin pores, acne, hives and skin irritation. This is not to say that every person who using traditional wax is going to suffer from these problems. The best option is to take precaution when using traditional wax.

As far as the modern moustache wax or trainer is concerned, this is a product that is usually packaged in a rectangular or round container. If you find wax in a tin, then you can be quite sure that this product is made up of organic ingredients and contains little to no petrochemicals. That being said, there are always exceptions for you to watch out for. Always look at the label of the product if you can’t figure out what kind of a wax it is. If there is no label present, then you have every reason to believe that the wax contains questionable ingredients which would hurt its market value. Contact the supplier for further queries.

Applying Moustache Wax

Applying moustache wax is basically a four step process. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Scrape it Off

Open the container and scrape the wax off using the nail of your thumb or your forefinger. Make sure that the forefinger has been placed on the surface of the wax at a 90 degree angle. To scrape it off, slide your finger across the wax all the way to the other end of the container.

2) Mould It

Once you have moustache wax on your forefinger use your thumb to mould the wax into a round mass. Flatten this ball by pressing your fingers against each other. This will make the wax warm and workable.

3) Work It In

Start working the malleable mass into your moustache. Always start from the centre before working your way to the ends or the tips. To smear the wax evenly across the moustache, use a beard comb or a children’s comb.

4) Shape It

Now that your entire moustache has been coated with wax, you can proceed to working your moustache into any particular shape of your choice.