The biggest problem with men who sport a beard is that they are willing to settle for mediocrity. Most men are simply happy about the fact that they have been able to grow a beard. They don’t really put in a genuine effort to make their beard stand out. But if you don’t invest time and energy into making your beard look beautiful, you will eventually lose interest in sporting and maintaining a beard. Beard maintenance requires enthusiasm and a genuine eagerness. To keep this enthusiasm and eagerness alive, you need to focus on enhancing the visual appeal of your beard. The following are six ways in which you can try to achieve that:

1) Go Slow Early On

You may have come across the phrase “The 4 Week Rule of Growing a Beard”. It is basically a simple strategy that allows you to grow a beard without patches. As the name suggests, you are not supposed to trim or shave the beard for the first four weeks. Some people extend this to six weeks, and you should do that if you think that your facial hair growth is not fast enough. Going slow early on allows your beard to fully develop. Beard growth is not an overnight process. It takes a considerable number of weeks for your facial hair to become prominent and worthy of people’s compliments. Therefore, do not rush with the trimming or shaving part of maintaining a beard. These come much later. For the first few weeks, simply allow Mother Nature to take its course and let that beard grow freely on your face.

2) Your Beard Needs Tender Care

It is very manly to have a beard. You know what’s not manly? Mistreating your beard isn’t. A real gentleman would never put his beard under unbearable stress. What we are basically trying to tell you here is that your beard needs love, affection and tender care. You can’t simply leave your beard exposed to contaminants and expect it to grow in a beautiful manner. There are so many ways in which you can care for your beard. Some people apply beard oil, beard shampoo and even beard conditioner to make that facial hair look absolutely gorgeous. Is meticulous beard maintenance the sign of a metro sexual? Not in the least bit. If anything, a rigorous beard care routine displays your love of masculinity.

3) Combs and Brushes Are Your Beard’s Best Buddies

At no point in time should you try to handle your beard with your bare hands. It is simply not a good idea to do so. This is particularly true given the fact that there are wonderful products in the market that have been specifically manufactured for shaping your beard and keeping it in place. You have wonderful varieties of beard combs and beard brushes that are made with exquisite materials and are designed to aid beard growth and improve beard health.

4) There Is No Right or Wrong

When it comes to styling your beard, there really isn’t any right or wrong. There are hundreds of facial hair styles that you can choose from. Sure, some of them are more popular than others, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot rock a rare look. It all comes down to your creativity and imagination. Adhere to a beard style that you are comfortable with. At the end of the day, growing a beard is about making you feel good about yourself. Therefore, it would be foolish to prioritize the opinions of others above those of yours.

5) Beginning with the Outline

This is a very important beard shaping strategy you are going to learn. When you are maintaining your beard, you should always start with the outline. This way, you will have the perfect beard shape before trimming. It is also worth the mention that you should keep a bit of space in between the desired line and where you are actually cutting the beard in order to avoid any disastrous, disproportionate shapes. If you are struggling with beard shaping, then your best option is to head over to a hair salon. That being said, you should learn the art of shaping the beard as early as you can. It is a handy skill that will save you a ton of time and money in the long run.

6) Believing in the Beard

You must believe that your beard is going to make a difference in the way people perceive you. Until and unless you hold this belief close to your heart, you will not be able to maintain your beard in a way that commands the attention of others, especially the ladies you’re interested in. Respect the beard, show it off and be unapologetically proud of it.