Men spend a certain amount of their daily time brushing or combing the hair on their heard. This makes you wonder why bearded men don’t do the same with their facial hair. The hair on your head and your facial hair deserve the same kind of care and attention. Combs and brushes are used to get the hair on your head in shape. These same tools can allow you to make your facial hair more manageable. If you don’t learn how to manage your beard, it will turn out to be messy and unkempt. This will ruin your overall physical appearance and compel people to label you as a person with a poor sense of hygiene. In other words, you’ll simply be identified as the guy who isn’t too fond of showers. Unless you want to stir up a reputation like that, you should really start thinking about taking better care of your beard.

As far as brushing your beard is concerned, you can’t be using the same brush that you use for the hair on your head. Even though the basic structure of hair is the same all over your body, there are some important differences between your facial hair and the hair on your head. Therefore, these two deserve different kinds of treatment and conditioning. If you want to keep your beard in shape, you must use a brush that has been specially designed to work on your beard. If you don’t use a beard brush, your facial hair is going to become matted and unruly.

Some people are under the impression that they need to sport an award winning beard to have any need of using a beard brush. This isn’t true at all. Even if you have just enough facial hair to cover your jaw line, you should be considering the use of a high quality beard brush. There is a wide variety of beard brushes available in the market. You should pick a high quality product that fulfils all your requirements. To help you get started, here are four of the most impressive products that you should consider buying:

1) The Diane Palm Brush

The Diane Palm Brush is well known for offering super penetration. It is the kind of product that will work even on a thick rat’s nest. There aren’t many better accessories for softening and taming thick beards. The secret to its effectiveness is its thick bristles that make light work of the tangles, snags and snares on your beard. With 100% boar bristles, the Diane Palm Brush is reinforced to provide incredible rigidity and deep penetration. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this beard brush is that it has soft bristles on one side so that you can use the brush to work on facial hair in sensitive areas such as the part of your skin underneath the nose.

2) Kent MC4 Cherrywood Military Brush

The name clearly suggests that this is a no nonsense beard brush. In fact, it will be quite hard for you to find a brush that’s more “masculine” than this one. The most remarkable thing about this product is the fact that the bristles are embedded in high quality cherry wood. It is slightly smaller than traditional military brushes, but that is good news for men who are always on the go and are need of portable grooming products. You can easily fit it into your travel bag or a fanny pack and keep your beard in great shape while you are on the run. The bristles are designed to not penetrate the skin, but are strong enough to manage the unruliest of beards. The one downside of the Kent MC4 Military Brush is that it is has a hefty price tag.

3) R.S. Stein Brush

If you are struggling with oil patches on your beard, then this is the right product for you. It has 100% boar bristles that are complemented by a thick wooden handle that will never let you down. It is nearly impossible to distribute beard oil evenly across the facial hair with your bare hands. You need a beard brush or a beard comb to get this done. The R.S. Stein Brush does a fantastic job of smearing the beard oil all over your beard. With regular use of this product, you will realize that your beard maintenance time has gone down drastically.

4) The Jack Dean Military Style Brush

This is a highly recommended product for most standard styles of beard. You could call it an entry level brush that is easy to use and incredibly versatile. Regardless of the length of your beard, this product will perform quite brilliantly. It is able to penetrate the beard quite easily without causing any harm to the skin underneath. Men with fine facial hair are advised to use this product for an extended period of time.