There are mainly four reasons why people sport a beard. Most men grow one in order to create a style statement. Others grow beards for religious or spiritual causes. Then again, there are people who grow a beard simply because they are too lazy to get working with a razor or a trimmer. Assuming that you are growing a beard for the first reason, here are some helpful tips that will allow you to shape your beard and make it more visually appealing:

1) Taking Your Face Shape into Account

Not every type of beard in the world is going to suit your face. Your facial features are unique. Therefore, you should look for a beard type that is a perfect match with your facial features. If your beard type does not complement your face, then your facial hair will look out of place. In that situation, the beard will become more of a burden than a boon. During the first few weeks of growing a beard, you will have plenty of time to look into the best beard options and pick out one that is perfect for your face. Once you choose the right shape, both you and your beard will look stunning.

2) Knowing How to Trim and When to Do It

It is commonly believed that trimming the beard or shaving it off on a regular basis stimulates facial hair growth. Surprisingly, there is no scientific evidence to back this theory up. In other words, people have been following a myth all this long. If you really want to grow a thick, beautiful beard, then you should let nature handle your facial hair. In other words, don’t be tempted to trim the beard every other week. In fact, you shouldn’t touch the trimmer for the first four weeks. Pruning your beard involves investing in a high quality trimmer. You should also master the technique of shaping a beard because it won’t be possible for you to drop by a hair salon every time your beard is out of place. Beard pruning is a lot like sculpting a piece of stone. Every movement should be carried out with picture perfect precision.

3) Keeping the Beard Clean

Cleaning the bead and keeping it in shape may sound like two entirely different things but they are actually connected in a very simple manner. Unless you wash your beard and keep it clean with high quality beard oil, beard wash, beard lotion and beard shampoo, you will not be able to soften your facial hair. And if your facial hair is rugged, unruly and unkempt, then you are going to have a really difficult time getting it into shape. Washing the beard is particularly of great importance during the early stages of beard growth. This is the stage where the skin cells are easily aggravated. As a result, men undergo incessant itching and skin irritation during this agitating phase. The main reason why men suffer from skin irritation is because their beard is filled with contaminants. These contaminants can be easily washed off with a high quality beard wash.

4) Training the Beard

Your beard is not exactly a living thing. So how exactly are you going to train it? Training the beard is essentially grabbing control of its growth direction. In other words, you have to regularly trim the beard (after the first four or six weeks) and comb it to force the hair to grow in a certain manner. If external force is not applied in the form of combing or brushing, then the hair is going to grow all over the place. The idea is to get the facial hair in line and train them to flow in a specific direction of your choice. A beard softener can make it easier for you to direct the flow of growth.

5) Keeping the Beard Nourished

Styling your facial hair becomes a lot easier when you have a well nourished beard. In other words, you need to eat the right foods and supply your body with the essential nutrients your hair needs to grow. You are basically being advised to “feed your beard”. It is important for you to remember that the beard thrives on fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, you should include more nuts, lean protein, milk and leafy greens into your diet. If you feel that these food items are not enough, you could start using beard supplements after consulting with your physician.

6) Having Patience

You are not going to get your beard shape right in the first try. This shouldn’t tempt you to shave off the beard and ditch the whole idea. Remain patient and keep trying out different styles till you nail the perfect look.