For some people, beard maintenance is all about splashing water on their face and trimming their beard. This is hardly of any help. There is so much more that beard maintenance warrants. For example, you can’t forget to nourish and moisturize your beard. When it comes to beard moisturizers, there is a wide variety of products that you can apply to your beard. All these products can be broadly categorized into three groups. You have the beard oil, the beard balm and the beard wax. For a bearded man who is really serious about grooming his facial hair, it is imperative to learn the differences between these three products.

Beard maintenance is a very detailed routine. The world detailed should not be interpreted as complex or complicated. Beard maintenance is not exactly a strenuous endeavour. However, it does require patience, perseverance and knowledge. If you are not aware of the differences between different beard products, you will not be able to use these products to their full potential. You could even misuse the products which could lead to skin irritation or loss of facial hair.

On the surface, it seems as though there are hardly any differences between beard oil, beard wax and beard balm. But it must be said that these three products have their own individual characteristics and serve their own purpose in beard grooming. Getting them confused isn’t going to help you cause of growing a thicker and fuller beard. You need to use these products responsibly and appropriately. The following are brief descriptions of each product. By going through the descriptions, you will learn about the specific differences that make these three products unique.

1) Beard Oil

Let us start off with the most essential beard grooming product. The beard oil should be the foundation of your beard maintenance. It is a misconception that water moisturizes the hair strands. Rather, it is the essential oils that our skin produces that keep the hair strands moisturized. When you start growing a beard, your skin is unable to produce enough essential oils to meet the moisturizing demands of all of your facial hair. As a result, it is becomes important for you to find alternative means of moisturizing the beard. Best alternative available to you is a high end beard oil product. A beard oil product should contain carrier oil in combination with other essential oils that are meant to moisturize and nourish your facial hair from within. Some of the most common components of beard oil are argan oil, grapeseed oil and tea tree oil. Some also contain jojoba oil as a base. Regular application of the beard oil softens and tames the beard. It can also keep dandruff away from your facial hair. The best time to apply beard oil is in the morning. This is the time when the hair follicles and the pores are open and it is easier for the skin to absorb the beard oil. High quality beard oils are infused with fragrant ingredients that give your beard a wonderful smell. Examples of manly fragrances include Bourbon and Sandalwood.

2) Beard Wax

This is another grooming aid that is intended to protect your beard from damage and dryness. The purpose of the beard wax is quite similar to that of the beard oil in the sense that it keeps the “fly aways” down. It is also a great styling tool for your beard. Think of it as the beard equivalent of hairspray. Not only is it great for your beard, but it is also quite good for the environment as well. You would be amused to know that beard wax is a very popular product among the participants of beard competitions who use it to sculpt and hold the beard in place. If you really want to try out an extravagant beard style, the beard wax is your product of choice. Even though it can technically be classified as a beard moisturizer, the beard wax is more of a protector and styling agent. Coconut oil, shea nut butter, beeswax and fragrant oils are some of the most common ingredients for beard wax. If the weather is windy or rainy, don’t forget to apply some beard wax before heading out.

3) Beard Balm

The beard balm can be best described as the lovechild of oil and wax. It has unique conditioning elements that rejuvenates the beard and gives it the hold of the wax. It is great for moisturizing the beard and is available in a wide variety of scents. Users describe the beard balm as a little less subtle than the beard wax due to the presence of oil. It is great for men with short beards who don’t really need to use the beard wax.