There is nothing pretentious about being eager to make your facial hair look fancy. One of the main reasons why people grow beards or facial hair is to look different from everybody else. If your facial hair is helping you create a style statement, then you have every right to make it look extravagant. You just need to make sure that you don’t go overboard with any of the styles that you have picked. You wouldn’t want someone to point at your goatee and laugh their heart out.

At times, it can be quite confusing to select the right goatee style for your face. Replicating what the celebrities do isn’t always a great option since your facial features are not a perfect match with theirs. Sometimes you need to experiment with your own styles to figure out what works best for you.

If you are having a hard time deciding what kind of a goatee you should have, then worry not. Here is a small list of six famous types of goatee that are quite versatile and should complement your facial features under normal circumstances

1) The Full Goatee

This is commonly referred to as the classic goatee. It is basically the most generic type of goatee that you can think of. Just because it is generic does not mean that it is mundane. A lot of men have pulled of this look with incredible flair and flamboyance. The full or classic goatee involves a circular beard, with moustache that extends down and around the side of the mouth where it connects with the shaven beard. The shaven beard should extend only as long as the outer edge of the mouth. It is basically an unbroken circle of hair and is the most popular among all the goatee styles in the world. If you have never grown a goatee before, then the classic goatee is the perfect beard style to experiment with.

2) The Original Goatee

There is a distinct difference between the original goatee and the full goatee. The former does not include a moustache. A full goatee is only achieved when you grow a moustache and allow the sides to join with the shaven beard. In the absence of the moustache, you have a small chin beard under your lower lip and a shaved jaw line. You can always switch between the original goatee and the full goatee just by growing or shaving off the moustache.

3) The Landing Strip

This is another popular variation of this iconic facial hair style that is quite easy to maintain. There is no need to grow a moustache. There is no need for chin hair. All you need to have is a little bit of hair directly under your mouth. The landing strip is supposed to run down perpendicularly all the way from your mouth to as long below the chin as you prefer. If it is too short, it would be hardly noticeable. If it is too long, then it is going to appear out of place and make you look awkward.

4) The Van Dyke

You have probably heard of the van Dyke goatee before. It is quite similar to the true goat. It is a recommended goatee style for guys who struggle to grow a complete circle of hair on their chin. Instead of having patches of missing hair, the van Dyke combines the soul patch, the chin goatee and the moustache to create one amazing look. This is a simple and useful way of hiding any small gaps in between the hair.

5) The Anchor

The anchor is basically a modification of the van Dyke goatee. In the van Dyke, the chin hair is restricted to a very small region. With the anchor goatee, you have the liberty to grow your chin hair out. In other words, you are allowing the facial hair beneath the mouth to extend longer. It grows down lower towards the neck and spreads out to the sideburns. The old combination of the soul patch, wider goatee and moustache must be maintained if you want to pull off the anchor look.

6) The Pretty Boy

Nailing the pretty boy look won’t be too difficult for someone who has had prior experience with goatees. You start off with a wide thick area of facial hair on the chin. This hair is trimmed back to a great extent around all the areas so that you form a thin lined moustache and goatee that is beautifully placed on your face.

Regardless of the kind of goatee style you choose, it is important to remember that you must maintain your goatee every few days. In other words, keep the rest of your beard short and trim the goatee to retain the fresh and tidy look for a longer period of time.