Men hardly talk about maintaining their hair. It is rare to hear a group of men engrossed in a discussion about the different kind of shampoos that are there for them in the market. Hence, it would be quite surprising to find a man who not only talks about hair maintenance but also focuses on keeping his beard in a great condition. Just because it is not a popular topic of discussion does not mean that men shouldn’t talk about it. A lot of men are disappointed with the way their beard looks. The only solution to this problem is to take regular care of the facial hair. You can’t expect to look stunning with your beard unless you put some genuine effort into making it good look. It is not rocket science and it certainly does not take up as much time as putting on makeup. You just need to get your basics right.

Shampooing the beard is one the fundamental ways of taking good care of it. You may have heard about a lot of fantastic beard shampoos that are being sold on the market. If you think that buying any of these shampoos is going to take a toll on your monthly expenditure or if you are uncomfortable with the notion of applying foreign chemicals on your facial hair, then you could learn how to make and apply beard shampoo from the comfort of your own home.

We are talking about a DIY shampoo that will save your time and money. The most effective shampoos have a few traits in common. These are the traits that you should be looking to replicate when you craft a homemade beard shampoo. The following are the traits that you should look out for:

1) The Power to Clean

Beard maintenance is about cleaning, nurturing and nourishing your beard. The cleaning part in particular is very important. A lack of cleanliness or poor facial hair hygiene will compromise the growth of your beard. It will also make your beard look quite terrible and unpleasant. Therefore, you need to come up with a shampoo that has the ability to thoroughly clean your beard. It should contain a cleansing product that is known to work well with facial hair. In other words, you should include an exfoliate ingredient. Don’t add ingredients that are too rough on the skin. You don’t want to damage the sensitive skin underneath your facial hair. This could lead to skin irritation and rashes. Select a product that efficiently removes dirt and other contaminants from your beard.

2) The Ability To Moisturize

Nurturing your beard includes moisturizing. Dry beard becomes a breeding ground for contaminants. It also damages your facial hair to the point where they start falling off or splitting up. Could you imagine the horror of having split up beard? Well, if you don’t want to think about it, then search for a moisturizing ingredient for your DIY beard shampoo. When you wash your beard, it gets stripped of the essential oils that keep it moisturized. These oils need to be replaced by moisturizers that are not rough on the hair and retain the oils in your hair. Moisturizers make your beard soft, fluffy and manageable.

3) A Fine Lather

A DIY beard shampoo is supposed to lather quickly and easily. In the store bought beard shampoos, you can find plenty of chemicals that are designed to make the shampoo lather as quickly as possible. But these chemicals shouldn’t be a part of your DIY beard shampoo. Sure, they are good at making your shampoo lather but they are toxic in nature and therefore damage the skin and the hair. The best option is to use all natural lathering agents in the shampoo. This will result in a foamy lather without hurting your skin.

4) Organic Ingredients

The best products are the ones that are organic. This is because there is minimum risk of infection or irritation with organic hair care or facial hair care products. In addition to preventing damage, organic ingredients benefit your skin and hair in a myriad of ways. When you mix all natural ingredients, the dirt, grime, dust and other contaminants will be safely removed from the skin and the natural oils will be kept behind to moisturize the hair and its follicles. Organic shampoos tend to have a heftier price tag in the market, which is why it is a good idea to make one at your home.

5) The Fragrance

Just because it is a DIY shampoo does not mean that it is going to have the charisma of a vacuum cleaner. You can make this shampoo smell absolutely delightful by incorporating naturally fragrant ingredients. It is a good idea to mix a few different batches so that you can switch out the scents to bring in some variety to your beard maintenance routine.