how to attract a girl with touch

If you want to attract a girl and get her to have sex with you, then you should learn how to touch her properly.

How to Attract a Girl With Touch – Mini Guide

Remember: if you want to pick up a girl, then you should not try kissing her without having established some type of casual touching first. Here are some easy ways to build rapport with ease through the use of touch.

A lot of guys refuse to touch girls on their first meeting because they think that a lot of other guys have already tried the same thing. And, well, who would want to be placed in the same league as those guys, right?

Additionally, here’s the thing: if you want to attract a girl, then touching her in a casual yet confident manner would be the best way to do so. In fact, if you do this right, it could be a great way to show her that you’re an alpha male, as well – and not a sleazy one, either.

Naturally, you should strike up a conversation first. Soon afterwards, though, casually touch her arm as you comment on something around you. Since this touch isn’t too intimate, she will not get creeped out in any way, even if you just met.

Another fascinating point pertaining to this topic area. In fact, all this touch really does is show her how confident you’re and how capable you’re of interacting with girls that you like in a normal way. Girls will love you for it! Now, there are many signs of flirting out there, but if a girl touches you in a casual way after you touch her, then that would be a great sign. Once this happens, you can either maintain this flirting business as you keep talking or move ahead.

A lot of guys choose to attract a girl farther by moving in and doing things like palm-reading, but it would be highly advisable to steer clear of those things because they’re far too obvious.

Instead, try to add some subtle touches into the mix as you entice her with more charming and interesting conversations as the night goes on. If she has to move past you, for example, do not give her too much leeway. Instead, let her brush past you, so that she gets used to the idea of touching you. Or, if she starts looking for someone, physically lean in as you point that person out to her. This is sure to help you attract a girl in no time.