how to court a girl

So you met this girl one day and she has never left your thoughts since then. Nowadays, only a few men care about how to court a girl as most girls aren’t really into the whole courtship thing anymore. But for some, courtship is still the basis of whether or not the guy deserves her time and attention.

There are a lot of ways on how to court a girl, and below we have listed 10 ways that will surely melt your dream girl’s heart!

How to Court a Girl – Guide

Read our how to court a girl guide and find out 10 simple ways to woo your dream girl.

10 Ways How to Court Your Dream Girl:

  1. Keep a clean and well-groomed image. Girls love men who always smell and look good. Remember that courtship is all about impressing the girl, so you might as well shake off the idea of seeing her right after a basketball game.
  2. Flowers and chocolates never fail. Girls just love surprises! This is one of the reasons why they want to be pursued. So make an effort to send her flowers and chocolates, or anything fancy just to make her smile. Try to be consistent on this one as she probably wouldn’t like it if you stopped all of a sudden. The bottom line: Make sure you have enough funds!
  3. Tell her she looks good even without make up. We all know girls love to dress up and make themselves pretty by putting on some make up. While they do look great with all those accessories, make it a point to let her know that you still think she’s beautiful even without all those.
  4. Introduce her to your friends. She may never ask you to do this, but the truth is, she’s dying to meet the people that you hang out with. Plus, letting her meet your friends will make her feel special. So invite her to a weekend with your friends and make sure you stay by her side until she gets a bit comfy with them.
  5. Take the lead as much as you can. Girls love to be with guys who show authority and leadership. Plan out your dates on your own rather than letting her do all the arrangements. She’ll definitely give you some suggestions when she wants to, but unless she does, take the lead.
  6. Make her laugh. Make her feel that you can always paint a smile on her face and make her laugh. Get silly with her and do crazy things together.
  7. Listen to everything she has to say. Always show interest in whatever she’s telling you – may it be about the prom or the upcoming fashion show event. Show her that you’re someone she can talk to about everything under the sun.
  8. Kiss her on the forehead. Most girls find this sweeter than a kiss on the lips or the cheeks. Try to do this once in a while, especially when you feel like she’s isn’t ready for a passionate kiss just yet. Be sensitive to her needs and feelings.
  9. A lot of girls can become a bit cranky at times, and they need you to be patient and understanding during those moments. If you think you did something wrong, apologize right away. Don’t even try to start an argument when she’s feeling cranky.
  10. Hold her hands when crossing the streets. Or you can also do this while strolling at the park or the mall. This will make her feel safer with you around.

Basically, how to court a girl is all about getting to know the girl, finding out what makes her happy and mad and showering her with love and affection like she’s never had before. Be yourself and make her like the person that you truly are, rather than the one you’re pretending to be. Once you finally captured that part of her, she’ll surely fall in love with the man that you are.

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