how to court a woman

Today we will speak about how to court a woman. What does it take to court a woman and make her fall in love with you in no time? Do you have to drive a luxury car? Do you have to buy her diamond rings or take her to the most expensive restaurants?

If this is how women choose their lifetime partners, then all men who can’t afford such luxury should still be single by now. But how do they do it? If you want to know how to court a woman even when you’re not as rich as Bill Gates, then read these simple ways we’ve listed below:

How to Court a Woman Way no.1: Make a Good First Impression

First impressions last – really true! Whatever a woman thinks of you the first time you bumped into each other shall unconsciously or subconsciously affect her verdict on whether or not you’re a boyfriend material. So when you know you’re actively seeking for the perfect woman to date, make the extra effort to look good anywhere you go. Believe it or not, women can tell how you smell just by the way you look! Moreover, you should also know the proper way to approach a woman. You don’t just come up to her and ask her to go somewhere “quiet”. You’ll probably just drive the girl away and make her not want to see you ever again (worst, you might get a slap on your face)! What women want is for men to actually walk slowly towards them and ask politely (but with a cute and smiling face) for their names.

How to Court a Woman no.2: Don’t Skip the Getting-to-Know-Each-Other Stage

While we are living in a modern society today, let’s not forget that some women (especially the good ones) still want to go with the traditional way of courtship. They want to get to know a guy more first before they actually start an intimate relationship with him. At this point, you can ask her out on casual dinner or movie dates. You can also spend time talking to her on the phone each night (but not for too long that it gets annoying) and talk about anything. It would also be good to spend time with her together with her friends, or ask her to spend time with you and your friends. If you must know, women act the most naturally around their friends, so take that chance to get to know her more.

How to Court a Woman no.3: Surprise! Surprise!

If you know a woman who doesn’t love surprises, she might have been a victim of a prank show or something. But kidding aside, most women love to receive surprise presents from you! And not just presents, they also love it when you suddenly just knock at their door on a Sunday afternoon with a box of pizza and a couple of DVD’s. Women are not hard to please, you know… You just have to hit that spot she’d rather not tell you about

How to Court a Woman no.4: Be Extra Sweet

It’s alright to get mushy at times especially when you’re trying to win a woman’s heart. Women, by nature, love to hear sweet nothings out of the blue. So try to do that in the middle of a romantic comedy movie or even just on the phone. Don’t forget to show affection too like holding her hands or kissing her forehead (if she’s comfortable with it of course – you’ll know, so don’t worry!).

How to Court a Woman no.5: Treat her Like a Queen

Even the most unmaterialistic women would love to be treated like a royalty, keep that in mind! So don’t hesitate showering her with gifts and praises every time you’re together. The gifts need not to be expensive by the way – they could be a poem you wrote or a song you composed for her. Guys should treat women like they’re the most precious possession they’ve got. Simple things like opening the car door, offering your jacket when she’s cold, preparing meals for he, calling her at work to check if she’s doing fine and so on – these may go a long way in how to court a woman. If you’re able to do all these things, then you surely are on your way to a new romantic relationship with the woman of your dreams!

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