how to kiss a girl

Are you a good kisser? Do you know how to kiss a girl? Have you ever behaved awkwardly when you were kissing a girl? As you know, a kiss can tell many things about the prospective romance of what two potential lovers are.

As your first kiss to a girl, if it works well or in other words, you kiss a girl romantically and passionately, and the girl reacts to your kisses emotionally and enthusiastically, you will see the chemistry in your relationship. And, it is very possible that the relationship between the two of you will hit it off, and certainly you don’t want to see a dead fish in the development of the relationship. Well, how to kiss a girl?

In this article we will provide you all informations, tips and guide on how to kiss a girl in many ways. So, let’s start.

how to kiss a girl - 10 tips10 Tips on How to Kiss a Girl

In reality, there is no good kisser or bad kisser, there are some techniques you need to learn and just like a learning curve, the more you practise it and get known what the girl really expects from you, the more romantically you will kiss the girl. So in life, it really takes time to become a romantic kisser.

However, in a girl’s eyes, you are a romantic kisser, and it doesn’t mean that you are a passionate kisser for the other girl.

How to kiss a girl tip 1 –  Take time

Don’t jump into the pool thinking in this way, you can catch a fish. Take everything slowly, you can gaze at her eyes, and place your wet lips on hers, then slowly after a few seconds, you can start to kiss her chin, cheeks and down to her neck. At least you need to give her time to sense your tenderness and gentleness. The sensual skin touch will bring the two of you closer.

How to kiss a girl tip 2 – Keep your lips kissing going

When both of you start kissing, don’t put your tongue into the girl’s mouth immediately so you can continue kissing her lips as long as you can because lip kisses can give you a feeling of giving and taking, just like testing the water to see whether the girl really likes your kissing.

How to kiss a girl tip 3 – Touch each other’s face

When you kiss the girl’s lips, you can use your hands to hold her cheeks, and move your lips from hers to kiss her eyebrow, the tip of her nose, cheeks and chin so as to create a very romantic atmosphere.

How to kiss a girl tip 4 – Don’t be distracted

When you kiss the girl, you need to concentrate on kissing. Any distraction during the course of kissing will lead to a poor outcome.

How to kiss a girl tip 5 – Be aggressive

In the course of kissing, the man usually takes the lead. Your gentle yet aggressive demanding will lead the girl to a high and sensual situation, and both of you will enjoy the passionate sensation.

How to kiss a girl tip 6 – Hand movement

During kissing, you can move your hands from her back up to hold her hands. And you can also use your fingers as a comb to brush her long hair. Your hand movements can also create and express your passion and romance.

How to kiss a girl tip 7 – Always keep your lips wet

Your wet lips can make you look attractive. And when you kiss the girl, your wet kiss can lubricate both of your lip movements.

How to kiss a girl tip 8 – Create a romantic atmosphere

You can kiss the girl in a dimly lighted room; the environment and atmosphere give the girl encouragement and confidence to show her romance and passion to you.

How to kiss a girl tip 9 – Don’t hurt each other

Gentle and tender kissing is always romantic, and two lovers will enjoy the pleasurable moment. Kissing too hard will cause a negative effect on the girl.

How to kiss a girl tip 10 – Kissing space

Man is an aggressive and dominant human, however in kissing, you need to give the lead to the girl and let her kiss you aggressively. In turn, you take the lead. By doing this, each of you can learn the other’s kissing style.How to kiss a girl romantically is not hard. Understanding each other’s kissing style is a key factor. If you remember the tips mentioned above, your romantic kissing style will attract the girl.

After we went through the basic tips on how to kiss a girl, it’s time that we go deeper through this topic.

how to kiss a girl on the lipsHow to Kiss a Girl on the Lips – 7 Steps:

Have you found your desirable girl yet? If so, have you taken the first step of kissing her so as to kick off the relationship between you and her? If nothing happened so far, you can consider going a bit further to kiss her on the lips to see if she accepts you or not.

Before you take this step, here are some tips that you should always consider so as not to make things awkward or sloppy.

  1. Fresh breath

If you intend to kiss the girl, you need to freshen your breath first, such as brush your teeth or eat a mint, and don’t eat any strong smelling foods, such as garlic or spring onions; those foods cause your breath to have an odour smell.  When you kiss the girl on her lips with bad breath, she must think your kiss is awkward and weird; even worse, she might not see you again.

  1. Chit-chat

When you meet the girl, don’t go directly to the dating talk, instead you can have a chit-chat with her so as to make the girl feel relaxed and confident to stay with you a bit longer. The longer she stays with you, the more chances you will have to kiss her.

  1. Facial expression

When you stand in front of her or sit beside her, the girl will constantly look up at your face and gain eye contact with you to show if she is interested in the conversation. Grab the chance, sit a bit closer to her, and slowly and gently hold her hand or place her one hand on your lap, and if you see her face filled with pleasure, and listening to your talking, the signal shows that you can take the step a bit further, lean your upper body forward and tip her chin intending to kiss her. If she doesn’t refuse your intention, at least you won her at the first stage.

  1. Make your lips wet

No girl likes the man to kiss her with his dry lips. Your wet lips make you look attractive; in the meantime, when your lips touch hers, she will feel a tender pleasure from your lips.

  1. Eye contact

Because normally girls like to constantly look up at men, so if the girl looks at your eyes and you can see she might feel shy, in that case, you can hold her back with your hand to convince and encourage her to accept you. Move your head forward and tenderly and smoothly kiss her lips. In the meantime, place another hand on her chin and slightly hold her face. Don’t kiss her lips too hard, and your gentle lip kissing will make her want you more. Please don’t suck her lips, instead brush her lips with your lips and still stay on lip kissing.

  1. Pause and whisper in her ear

Pause and stop where you are, and whisper some sweet words in her ear and make her feel a bit shy about your action to her.

  1. Go for it and repeat the lip kiss again

When you feel that the girl completely accepts you, and you can go for it and repeat the lip kissing again.  At this stage, you can use your lips press on hers, and let her feel your affection and enthusiasm, and start your kiss, such as French-kissing.

how to kiss a girl - french kissHow to kiss a girl – French Kiss:

Here are some tips to instruct you how you can go on the right track to French kiss your girl and express your passion to her step by step.

First, you should choose the right place to do it.  French kissing is a really personal action; you’d better do it in a private place rather than in a public place. During the course of the action, the movements of every part of your body might make the girl feel embarrassed and insecure if both of you are standing in a public place; therefore a right place is a very important factor when performing your French-kiss.

Once both of you are in a private place, such as your home, and either you or the girl are in a passionate mood, it means either of you really wants to show affection to the other; normally you take the first step.  Assuming both of you are sitting on a sofa face to face in a dimly lighted living room, the atmosphere makes either of you attracted, move your body closer to the girl, and place your each hand on each of the girl’s cheeks and start to kiss the girl’s lips. Your hands might move gently and smoothly from her cheeks back to her neck, both of you will sit even closer so that you can feel each of your hearts beating. At this stage, your hands will move from her neck to her upper back and stop at the line of her bra. In the meantime, the girl grips your lower lip into her mouth and you grip the girl’s upper lip, and either of your tongues is not involved in French-kissing.  French-kissing is also known as sweet kissing. Followed by lips licking, you will kiss her forehead and cheeks. In practising the sweet kissing, both of you will enjoy the affection.

In French- kissing, there is not any sexual touching performed although you are in a private place and at a high demanding situation from each of you. Before performing it, better keep your breath fresh by either brushing your teeth or having a fresh lolly. Well, preparing yourself for the enjoyable moment is another key factor; otherwise your bad breath odor might scare the girl away.  As mention above, French-kissing doesn’t have any sexual action performed, keep in mind, you won’t do any silly things at this stage, especially if it is the first time that you invited your girl-friend to visit your home and you want to use the sweet kissing to attract the girl closer to you so as to express your affection to her. If you do things too fast and the girl is not prepared to accept you to go to even closer, stay calm and keep some distance between you is the best choice. You can judge the girl’s extent of her affection to you by sensing her movement to your French-kissing. If both of you collaborate very well, it means the girl would like to go further with you, otherwise time will tell you how your relationship development will be.

Overall, practising French-kissing is a really enjoyable moment. It can bring two parts closer and gives the chance to express affection from one to the other.

how to kiss a girl on the cheekHow to Kiss a Girl on the Cheek:

When your girlfriend was standing in the crowd and her eyes were looking for you, suddenly she saw you walking towards her with a smile on your face. She was waving at you murmuring “hello” to you. After you approached, standing in front of her you leaned over and kissed her on her cheek with your wet lips, what reaction was from her? Although she was a bit embarrassed and didn’t expect your cheek kiss, her face was still filled with a pleasing smile; when you were kissing her cheek, at least she didn’t walk backward instead she slightly turned her head around and gave her cheek to you.

How many times did you kiss your girlfriend’s cheek? And in what situation would you like to do it to her?

Here are some tips to instruct you how to kiss a girl on the cheek.

A cheek kiss can happen everywhere, such as when you come back from your trip and your girlfriend goes to airport to pick you up, because several days apart between you and your girlfriend, the distance makes the two of you miss each other. When you see the girl standing in the crowd with a sweet smile on her face, you approach her and kiss her on her cheek. A simple and casual cheek kiss, but it expresses your thoughts of love to her. The moment when you put your lips on her cheek, she can feel your body temperature, the two of you have eye contact, at once you hold her hand and immediately you hold her shoulder closer to yours, I believe both of you enjoy the cheek kiss.

In another situation, if you kiss your girl on her cheek, she might be pleased too. One day some of your friends gathered together for a camping trip. You were talking with other friends standing on the street, and your girlfriend was walking towards you. When she was standing in front of you, you leaned your body a bit towards her and kissed her on the cheek in front of your other friends. Your girlfriend felt a bit embarrassed with two red spots on her cheeks. She was not angry, instead she enjoyed the moment of cheek kissing because your action showed how closer you are to each other and other girls might have been jealous of your intimacy to your girlfriend. The cheek kissing does express your affection to the girl, and most of the time the girl does enjoy it. As you know, cheek kissing on one side, you can pause when you kiss the girl on her one cheek and whisper some words in her ear. However cheek kissing on two sides, and it might be just a kiss, most of the time it happens between normal friends, therefore it really depends what you want to express yourself – a lover or just a close friend.

Moreover, for cheek kissing, normally you just kiss a girl’s cheek with your lips, please do avoid either sucking or licking the girl’s cheek; she might feel uncomfortable if you do it on her cheek, and most of the time, the girl might think you don’t show any respect to her in a public place.  Please keep in mind not to over use cheek kiss. Your tender and gentle cheek kissing will show you are a gentleman to the girl, and she will enjoy your polite and kind behaviour.

Cheek kissing is a good way to show your love to your ideal girl. Behave like a gentleman; the girl will feel your feelings to her.

how to kiss a girl on the neckHow to Kiss a Girl on the Neck:

Neck kissing is an absolutely different experience in your dating life compared with mouth kissing because the signal given to the girl or the relationship between the man and the girl must have been very close. And the man normally wants to show his intimacy to the girl and attract the girl into the course of love making, especially when the man kisses the girl at the spot between shoulder and collarbone, the most sensitive part on neck, and kissing on this part will stimulate the girl’s intimate demands.

Here are some tips instructing you how to perform the neck kissing

Neck kissing normally starts from kissing on the lips. When two lovers show their emotion and passion to each other, they start kissing on the lips and then develop further to twist tongues with each other. If the man wants to express his intimacy, he places his hands around the girl’s face and starts to kiss from her mouth down to her chin, in the meantime, the man moves his one hand from the girl’s face down to the girl’s neck, the kissing becomes more aggressive and most of the time, it makes the girl lose sensual control.

The man starts to use his tip of tongue to kiss the girl’s neck from the right side to the back of her neck. The man’s the other hand might move to the girl’s very sensitive parts, for example, hip or breasts. At this stage, the man moves his body even closer to the girl and the girl can feel two hearts beating, the girl will tilt her head backward, if she really enjoys you kissing her neck and she might sigh with her enjoyment. Two parts are in a heightened state and could lead to the course of love making.

Keep in mind, when you start kissing a girl’s neck, you should always make your tongue wet. A dry tongue licking on her neck will make the girl feel uncomfortable. As we know, the neck doesn’t have as many sensitive spots as the tongue does therefore performing a good kiss on the neck is essential to expressing your affection and love to the girl. At least the man must be absolutely sure that the girl really wants to develop their relationship further, otherwise the action of neck kissing might scare the girl away and think you are too sexually demanding.

Moreover, before you kiss the girl neck, you need to know if the girl has no other sensitive problems with the kissing on the neck. For some people, for some parts of the body, they are not willing to be touched. Normally once you show the signal of neck kissing, the girl’s body language will tell you if she accepts it or not.The last but not least, neck kissing must be gentle and tender. When you perform this action, in order to stimulate the girl’s affection, you can whisper in her ear and your sweet words will also help both of you get into this intimate and passionate situation.

You can also lick the girl’s earlobe or slightly and gently blow air onto her neck. Those actions plus some sweet words will get the girl into an intoxicating mood. Believe or not, 99% of girls love sweet words before entering the course of love making.  And those words will create a very romantic atmosphere, and make the girl demand you more. Dating is an art, and kissing on the neck is part of dating and therefore, part of the art. Once you perform it well, the girl will never leave you behind.