How To Kiss A Girl

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How to kiss a girl looks super simple in the movies. You grab her. You kiss her: done. In real life, this is not as easy. If you are a guy that is not the best looking, or who don’t have the best luck with girls and is not the most confident, even getting up the courage to ask a girl on a date can seem like an impossible task. You can’t just kiss a girl out of nowhere. There has to be context, and you have to feel sure that the girl likes you and wants to be kissed. The first step to getting the girl to like you is to spend some time with her and get to know her.

How to Get to Know a Girl

When it comes to getting to know a girl, it is all about taking the time. Long before you kiss her, you have to feel confident enough to do so and sure enough that her response will be a positive one. The best way to get to know anyone in life is to ask them questions about themselves. Find out about her likes and dislikes, history, hobbies, friends and family life. Obviously, you don’t want to end up in the friend zone, but getting to know the girl you are interested in kissing is the best first step. Spend time doing things she likes and showing that you are interested enough in her to remember those things she has told you. Getting to know someone special shouldn’t be a chore; it should be one of the best things in the world to do. When you feel like you know the girl enough to determine that she likes you as more than a friend, the next step is to slowly initiate physical contact to further test those waters.

Initiating Physical Contact

Let’s face it, it never hurts to make a girl wait. If she’s not quite sure if she’s interested in you, she will need the extra time anyway, and if she is on the cusp of interest, holding out will likely entice her all the more. Start with simple, small, and sensual touches. Brushing her hair out of her eyes or helping her up is a chivalrous act that most girls appreciate. Once the small acts have been received well, start with more obvious ones like holding her hand or giving her a hug. This will clearly show you are interested in her as more than a friend. From there, get closer. Sit closer, stand closer to her when you are talking, and when you hug, hold that hug a little longer and tighter.

Setting the Scene for the First Kiss

If this girl you are planning on kissing is one that is special to you, you will want to do everything right. Women, by nature, are romantic creatures. We’ve seen the movies, listened to the songs, and read the romance novels. It never hurts to go over the top when it comes to romance.

If it is a date, make sure there is a nice moment set aside at some point for the kiss. If you have gone out for dinner, a leisurely stroll through some gardens or a lovely park area is a great opportunity to plant one on her. The environment is pretty, quiet, offers private moments, and is romantic as well.

Basically, use your best judgment when it comes to setting the scene. When a romantic and private moment presents itself, seize the moment.

The Actual Kiss

When it comes to the physicality of the kiss, there are definitely some things to keep in mind. Don’t drown yourself in pressure, but that first kiss says a lot to girls. Most girls who receive a bad first kiss are not coming back for seconds. If you want to make a good first-kiss impression, don’t rush it. One of the main mistakes men make on that first kiss is being too aggressive and using too much tongue. This takes away from the magic of that first kiss and suggests you are just more interested in getting to the big act past the kiss. If you want the kiss to fill your girl with awe and wanting more, do it slowly, and save the tongue for the end, if at all.

Holding a girl’s face in your hands is a super romantic gesture that most girls appreciate, as well as gently pulling up their chin to bring their mouth closer to yours (a personal favorite). These gestures are sweet, romantic, and most importantly tender. When your lips touch hers, move them around slowly and tenderly. If the kiss gets more passionate, slip the tongue in gently at the end. This will show the girl that while you are interested in going further, that was not your initial intent.