howto sexually attract women

In order to know how to sexually attract women, you need to consider one very important fact – women don’t like overly cocky guys. While a little bit of confidence is a good thing, being TOO much of a jerk will put you into “creepy guy” territory. While it’s true that some women like “bad boys“, most women don’t. We’re interested in percentages here and not being overly cocky will get you the most action.

How to Sexually Attract Women – Simple Guide

Trying to impress a woman with your hot car, how much money you have or your important job may seem like a good way of getting a girl’s attention but, believe me, in most cases, it’ll backfire big time and you’ll come across looking like a total jerk. That’s NOT how to sexually attract women. Bragging makes you look like you’re desperate. That’s something that’s NOT attractive to women.

Now that we’ve that very important point out of the way, let’s move on to the BEST WAY to sexually attract women:

Knowing the Right Way to Flirt!

Get this wrong and you are going to be spending a lot of nights ALONE on your couch watching The Weather Channel!

Consider this scenario:

You spot this really cute girl at the Mall. You follow her for a while. She is seems to be window shopping. She is alone. You are not sure but you think she may have seen you and given you “the eye” back there by that coffee shop. Finally you work up your nerve and approach her.

What happens next?

Be sure to evaluate this informative article really carefully, the problem and the fixes have quite a number varieties. That is up to you. How would YOU handle it? You want to sexually attract her and you do this by creating sexual tension. It is all part of the human mating ritual and it is been going on for thousands of years. First, determine if the attraction is mutual. This is done by flirting.

The results you attain by flirting will determine if it’s worth your time and energy to continue. Rely on humor because it’ll never let you down (if done right) but do not forget to demonstrate your qualities of confidence and leadership. Do not have those qualities? Learn how to get them!

Flirting is YOUR chance to demonstrate to HER that you have the character traits that women look for in a man. Remember, you just met her and you only have this opportunity to make a first impression. Use non-verbal clues. This is known simply as body language. You’ll find that 90% of your communication is through body language.

That being said it’s also important to remember that the act of just talking to a girl is NOT going to make her interested. 2 guys can say the EXACT same thing to a girl and deliver 2 entirely different messages through their body language. That’s how to flirt to sexually attract women. Learn it and you’ll be enjoying a lot of female company between the sheets. Ignore it and you are going to be spending lots of time on that couch – ALONE!