how to turn a girl on

Every guy wants to know the secret of how to turn a girl on right? The thing is that women and men are entirely different when it comes to what turns us on. In this article I layout some tried and tested advise about how to turn a girl on.

Here’s an interesting an analogy I heard somewhere about sexual desires in men and women:

Men are like matches. We’re fast to start up on fire, but we fizzle out in a short time. Girls, however, are more similar to building a big fire. It takes a long time while the flames grow, but when they’re glowing, they stay strong for a very long time.

How to Turn a Girl On – Guide and Tips

It takes time and patience to turn a girl on. You have to realize that girls are very different than guys when it comes to sexual arousal. Additionally, different women are turned on by different things. While there are some general techniques that work with the majority of girls, It will take time and observation to identify exactly what gets her fire burning and really turns her on.

Use the physical contact to turn a girl on:

how to turn a girl onOne general technique to use at the beginning of seduction is physical contact. Physical contact often bridges the gap between flirting and full on seduction. Look for ways to make physical contact with her. This doesn’t mean touching in a creepy way. Just a hand on her shoulder or similar when you’re complimenting her or talking to her. Don’t bring her attention to you touching her. Doing that will make it seem creepy and wrong. If you’ve just met her, she will likely accept it as part of your personality. An important part of how to turn a girl on is knowing the right way to touch her, and knowing when to back off.

How to turn a girl on by whispering in her ear:

how to turn a girl onWhispering in her ear is another great technique. Try saying something softly in her ear. Ears are very sensitive to sexual stimulation. A quiet little murmur near her ear will get most women really excited. Look for any reason to tell her something discretely. Make it seem like you have something important to say but instead say something that is amusing. However, you should wait until you are talking comfortably otherwise it may seem like a strange gesture to lean in and start whispering.

If you want to turn a girl on, you must stimulate her imagination:

how to turn a girl onLearning how to stimulate her imagination is also key in learning how to turn a girl on. Find a discreet way to get her to imagine the two of you as a couple. For instance, when she mentions a common interest, counter with something to the effect of “That’s it, I am going to marry you” or “That does it, I am in love”. Keep the mood light, and say these things in a joking manner, or you could be misunderstood, and she will think you are moving way too fast.

If you want to know how to turn a girl on you must know how to make her comfortable:

how to turn a girl onA girl won’t get turned on unless she’s comfortable. While an unpredictable guy is interesting, there are two kinds of unpredictable – good and bad. ‘Good’ means she’s unsure of where you will be going on your date. ‘Bad’ means you could be a rapist or a psycho. This is not how to turn a girl on. Are you following me? If you can keep things relaxed and fun, you will ensure that she will be comfortable and relaxed also.

Once you make a girl comfortable, it’s time to take charge with her. Women like take-charge guys. It makes you look confident and shows initiative. Taking charge can be simple. Don’t say, “Would you like to get coffee?”- tell her instead “Let’s go for some coffee.” These and other small changes are great for expanding your capacity to take the lead, and soon enough you’ll find yourself naturally saying bold things such as “let’s go back to my place.”

How to Turn a Girl On Video

Here is some extra tips on how to turn a girl on:

  • Flatter Her
  • Kiss and Lick Her Hinges
  • Give Her a Massage
  • Play with Her Hair
  • Make Good Ambiance
  • Be Playful

How to Turn a Girl On – Things You Shouldn’t Do

  • Don’t lie
  • Don’t pressure her (no means no)
  • Don’t be rude
  • Don’t rush things
  • Don’t neglect your personal grooming

I hope you have picked up some useful tips from my article on how to turn a girl on. Mastering these techniques will increase you success with women and really add a new level of sophistication to your flirting and seduction.