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Your probably reading this article about the benefits of online dating because your thinking about joining an online dating website for the first time. With that in mind I feel it is my responsibility to convince you of the massive benefits of online dating, and ensure that you give your love life the boost it deserves by taking action and joining an online dating website.

Online dating historically had a lot of negative stigma attached to it.  When they first came on the scene, dating websites were commonly viewed as places where only desperate people (who were too inadequate to find a partner in the real world) would hang out. Times have certainly changed since those dark days, and online dating is now seen as a perfectly normal way for all single people to socialize with other singles.

So, should your friends find out somehow that you are using an online dating website (which will probably only happen if you tell them), you shouldn’t automatically expect to be made fun of. The benefits of online dating are so huge that you really need to get over any hang ups you have about it and give it a shot. With that in mind, here are the main benefits of online dating for men:

One of the biggest benefits of online dating are the sheer numbers of single women using online dating websites. The biggest online dating sites (such as boast millions of female members, all looking to meet single men. By joining one of the larger online dating sites such as you are massively increasing your exposure to attractive single women.

Another one of the huge benefits of online is how much easier it is to approach women online compared to the offline world. Comparing online dating to bars and parties provides us with an excellent example of this. When approaching a woman at a bar or party you not only have to build up the courage to start a conversation face to face, you also don’t know if that girl is single or not. If this is the first time you are meeting that woman, all you will have to go on is her looks. You will likely no absolutely nothing about her personality, making it very difficult to start any meaningful conversation. Even if you do by some miracle hit upon an interesting conversation topic, you are likely going to struggle hearing what each other is saying due to the loud music being played.

Online dating breaks down these barriers. The fact that they are members of an online dating website shows that they are looking to meet someone, with their profiles stating the type of relationship they are looking for (e.g. long-term relationship, intimate encounter, dating, etc). Most men claim that it feels much easier to approach a woman online compared to in person due to the fact that you have more information about them to work with.

Every member of an online dating site will have a written profile, as well as a number of photographs. This means that you are able to assess women not only by their looks, but also by their personalities, hobbies and interests, and other important information. You are also able to search for the type of women you are looking to meet using advanced search and filtering criteria.

The fact that you can search and filter female members as well as read about them in their profiles means that you can find interesting topics to talk about that you both find stimulating. Also the loud music and distractions present in bars and nightclubs are not a factor when chatting online.

Another one of the main benefits of online dating is the way relationships can develop naturally in small steps. For example, you can begin by sending a woman you are interested in a message. If she is also interested in you, you can then request live chat sessions. If things go well you can then take the plunge by holding a video conversation using a webcam, and even go on virtual dates.

This steady progression means that when you eventually go on a real date it is pretty much guaranteed to be a success as you will already have had the equivalent of several dates worth of practice with them. Also, if at some stage you decide that its not going to work out, you can end things without having invested all the time and effort involved with dating in the offline world.

I hope I have managed to convince you that online dating is the way forward. If you are single and looking to meet women, I would recommend online dating as an essential tool in your toolbox. Why not get started right away by signing up at eHarmony.