Top 5 Nutrition Tips For Men

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The nutritional choices you make on a daily basis affect how your body feels and functions. And this makes it imperative for you to pay close attention to what you eat and drink, and when you do so. Nutritional trends and fads seem to come and go, but there are the top 5 nutrition tips for men that should be considered an essential part of your life.
Identifying the Top 5 Nutrition Tips For Men
Timing is Important
Whether you are trying to lose weight, put on weight or add bulk to your body, it is imperative that you eat your meals in a timely fashion. Most nutritionists place stress on not only what you eat, but when you eat. You should avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast. A pre and post workout healthy snack will improve performance and will help you attain your exercise goals.
Hydrate Well
About 60% of the adult human body consists of water. It plays an important role in the manner in which your organ systems function. Water helps insulate the body, maintain the body’s internal temperature, and is essential for food metabolism. It is also crucial for the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body. Drinking a glass of water half an hour before your meals will help boost metabolism by up to 30%.
Real Foods Vs Processed Foods
Take the time and effort to understand how the food choices you make affect your body. If you are not a great cook and are prone to opting for processed foods or prefer to order in, join a cooking class. Taking the time to shop for fresh produce and groceries will help you make better food choices. Processed foods are usually high in sugar, salt, and fats. They contain less fiber, protein, and micro-nutrients and should be avoided.
Nutrition First
It is imperative that you offer your body at least three or four servings of fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. This will ensure that your body receives a wide range of vitamins and minerals that will help it function optimally. Do keep in mind that most vitamins are water-based and are flushed out of the system on a daily basis. And hence, they need to be replenished. Nuts, yogurt, and fruit are excellent snacking choices. Yogurt is probiotic and great for your gut.
Cut Down the Sugar
Avoid sugary drinks that offer your body empty calories. They add to your calorie intake without offering it nutrition. Regular intake of sugary drinks, including fruit juices, will lead to an increase in weight. It is best to stay clear of them, and instead opt for a glass of water.